Cosmetic Consultation Fee: $75

*Please note this fee will be not be applied if you have a treatment or prepurchase a treatment same day. Otherwise, this fee will show as a $75 credit to your account and can be used for future treatments you purchase.

Dysport: $4.50/ per unit

Xeomin: $11/ per units

Please note that units are not equivalent in the neuromodulators listed above

Restylane L: $700/ per 1cc

Restylane Lyft: $700/ per 1cc

Restylane Defyne: $700/ per 1cc

Restylane Refyne $700/ per 1cc

Restylane Silk: $700/ per 1cc

Restylane Kysse: $700/ per 1cc

Restylane Contour: $7**/ per 1cc

Hyper-Dilute Restylane: $800

Sculptra: $750/ per full vial

Radiesse: $750/ per 1.5cc

Radiesse Hyper-Dilute: $850

Sclerotherapy (leg vein treatment-both legs included): $550/ per session

Hose for post Leg Vein Treatment: $50/per pair

20% TCA chemical peel: $350+

15% TCA chemical peel: $150

Call our office for pricing on C02 laser treatments and other chemical peels.

When inquiring about chemical peels please note the different strengths, some peels are performed by our aesthetician and other are administered by Dr. Herzog.

Please note multiple treatments may be needed, results will vary based on each individuals needs.